High-End Marble Slabs in the GTA Can Bring Custom Beauty to Your Home

Toronto is home to a notoriously hot housing market that shows little signs of slowing.  Though dwellers of Canada’s largest city may live in close proximity, they still want their homes to be unique.  Home décor, finishings and fixtures all play a role in the overall look and feel of the home.  Are you looking to express your personal style in your home décor?  Read on to find out how high-end marble slab can add unique beauty to your GTA home.
Interior design is not easy – there a many decisions to be made!  Home décor providers are now offering more custom options than ever.  When making these decisions, try to opt for timeless substances that will maintain your home’s resale value.  One way to add custom flair to your home is with the introduction of custom substances, such as brass, chrome and natural stone.  These quality upgrades have broad appeal to many, and can provide a great bang for your buck.  
High-end marble is a stone that is custom by nature as no two slabs of marble are exactly alike.  The appearance of marble can vary tremendously in color, pattern and veining detail from slab to slab.  With marble, you can go as bold or traditional as you wish, all while maintaining a classic elegance.  There are other options to explore with marble, to customize it even further.

Customizing Marble: Tips and Tricks

1. No two slabs are alike

Are you interested in a certain colour or style of marble?  Some specific types of marble are specific to geographical regions.  For example the well-known white Carrera marble is quarried in Tuscany.  If you have your heart set on a colour, talk to a knowledgeable marble distributor – the best ones know every shade of marble available.  Bringing images of what you are looking for will help them locate it for you.

2. Experiment with tiling and grout

Tiling with marble can provide wildly different looks depending on technique.  Small, delicate tiles provide an ornate, elegant look while larger tiles are more sturdy and uniform.  Alternating tile colours and styles can create a beautiful finished product with a real "wow” factor.  Even something as simple as tile orientation can dramatically alter the look and feel of a space.  Grout is available in many colours, so look online to see what you like best!  Darker grout can be very elegant and modern – as well as easy to clean!

3. Consider an unexpected cut or finish

High-End marble can be finished in many different ways.  Dark marble with a high-shine finish can add a great deal of elegance to a space.  Lighter marble with a more raw finish can create a beautiful rustic look. Bevels are the finished edges of the marble slab.  These too can be customized.  Square edges provide a more modern silhouette, while rounded edges are a bit more old-fashioned.  Most marble slab providers offer dozens of options, so take a look at all the options available.
Your home is your castle, so be creative and experiment!  Decorating with high-end marble slabs provides a plethora of options and ways to customize your GTA home.